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1200 x 800 x 3000 (LWH) MM

The Spill Pallet Ramp with dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 3000 (LWH) MM is the ultimate solution for those seeking efficiency, safety, and versatility in their material handling operations. Our pallet ramp plays a vital role in spill containment. By enabling your equipment to work in tandem with bunds or spill pallets, it minimize the risk of hazardous materials spilling and causing harm to your workforce or the environment.

Our plastic pallet ramp is designed with high-quality, fully recyclable UV-stabilized polyethylene, which provides long-lasting durability. Moreover, we also provide a smaller variant, a pallet ramp, that allows you to handle a variety of loads. As the foremost suppliers of spill pallets in Dubai, UAE, Crateco provides top spill containment solutions that allow you to handle materials with confidence and care.

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