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20 TO 1100 LITRES

The spill kit for chemical  is an essential safety resource that helps manage and contain hazardous chemical spills in various environments. Our spill kit typically includes absorbent materials such as specialized bags for contaminated chemical waste disposal, protective gloves, and brooms. When a chemical spill occurs, a well-equipped spill kit provides immediate access to the necessary tools and materials to control the situation effectively.

Our plastic spill kits for chemical come in various sizes, ranging from 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, 120, 240, 360, 660, and 1100 liters. Furthermore, we also offer a specialized variant, the spill kit for oil, designed to clean up oil spills in various industrial and environmental settings. Crateco, as the most trusted chemical spill kit supplier in UAE, provides the right spill containment solutions, contributing to overall risk management in chemical handling environments.

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