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The 3 Compartment Bin is an ideal choice for simplifying waste management. Engineered with durable stainless steel, it withstands UV rays and corrosion. Each section or compartment is designated for specific waste types: Paper, Plastic, and Bottles or Cans. Inside, practical separators are compatible with disposable bags, making cleaning a breeze. These separators are easily disassembled, and the smooth walls and rounded corners simplify quick cleaning with just a water jet. To ensure stability, a rubber rim at the base prevents slipping. Ring elements on the lids secure disposable bags for waste collection. These recycling bins are color-coded and labeled for user-friendly waste segregation.

The Crateco 3 Compartment Bin is versatile and has gained widespread use in commercial spaces, offices, educational institutions, public areas, events, residential complexes, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings. Even in limited spaces, it fits perfectly for efficient waste organization. Also known as Trio Bins, SS Bins with 3 Compartment, and SS Dust Bins. Furthermore, we offer 4 compartment bins with the same advanced features, providing an extra compartment for General Waste. As the leading 3 compartment bin supplier in UAE, Crateco contributes to recycling efforts and waste reduction. By providing quality waste bins, we help minimize the environmental impact of waste disposal and promote a sustainable approach.

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