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595 x 395 x 170 (LWH) MM

The can tray 20 litres with measuring dimensions of 595 x 395 x 170 (LWH) MM is designed for the secure storage of both cans and jerry cans. Our can tray 20 litres is equipped with in-built UV stabilizers, guaranteeing unparalleled durability even even in challenging environmental conditions. Its broadband chemical compatibility guarantees safe storage for a wide range of substances.

The added convenience of a detachable mounting plate adds a layer of adaptability to our plastic can tray 20 litres design, while its user-friendly approach prioritizes effortless cleaning, thus upholding impeccable hygiene standards. In addition, we also offer a variant, the can tray 30 litres, designed to meet even more storage needs and requirements. As the leading plastic spill pallet supplier in UAE, Crateco provides plastic spill pallets renowned for their unmatched quality and innovation.

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