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The slotted angle shelves are constructed using perforated angle steel, allowing you to assemble them in various configurations to suit your specific needs. Whether you require standard shelving units, corner shelves, or even workbenches, our slotted angle shelves can be customized to fit your space perfectly. The pre-punched holes in the angle steel pieces make assembly a breeze, and you can adjust the shelf heights to accommodate items of different sizes with ease. 

Crateco is the leading slotted angle shelves manufacturer in UAE. Our slotted angle shelves find a wide range of applications, being commonly used in offices, warehouses, garages, workshops, and even retail spaces. For a much stronger racking system, we recommend medium duty racking, which has the option of different types of decking like Grating, GI Panel, Plywood, Pallet and so on. Being the top slotted angle shelves supplier in UAE, Crateco provides warehouse shelving solutions to maximize the potential of your space and transform it into an organized, efficient, and functional environment.

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