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The hand pallet truck 3 ton load capacity with a fork width of 685 MM, and is offered with a one-year warranty. Our 3 ton hand pallet truck is operated by hand, equipped with a steering mechanism and hydraulic system. Widely utilized in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other settings where loading and unloading palletized heavy loads, organizing storage spaces, and transferring goods within a facility.

The Crateco hand pallet truck 3 ton is equipped with a well designed wheel system that ensures smooth navigation through wide aisles. Additionally, we provide a variant, the hand pallet truck 2.5 ton, featuring a fork width of 685 mm. Despite its slightly lower load capacity, this variant maintains exceptional performance. As the top hand pallet truck supplier in UAE, Crateco provides heavy duty hand pallet trucks, fulfilling all your material handling requirements.

Our hand pallet truck is also known by several names, such as hand pallet trolley, pallet jack, pallet trucks, pallet trolley, hand jack, hand trucks, double fork pallet jacks, pump trucks, or pump trucks.

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