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915 x 715 x 710 (LWH) MM

The insulated tub 310 litres is made with high-quality triple-layered polyethylene (PE) plastic and UV-stabilized, stands out as the strongest tub on the market. Whether you're keeping items hot or cold, our plastic insulated Tub 310 litres maintains temperature integrity, offering substantial capacity for efficient storage and transportation of goods. This feature is crucial and widely utilized in industries like food services, fisheries, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

Crateco stands as the most reliable insulated tub manufacturer in Dubai, UAE. The lightweight nature of our plastic insulated tub 310 litres adds convenience, ensuring easy transportation and handling. Our plastic insulated tub lid acts as a protective barrier, shielding contents from contaminants, dust, or external elements. For those needing a larger option, we offer the insulated tub 460 litres, catering to diverse storage and transportation requirements. As the insulated tub supplier in Dubai, UAE, Crateco provides a secure and controlled handling solution for your valuable materials.

The plastic insulated tub is known by various names, such as, insulated fish tub and insulated meat tub, Cold Storage Container, insulated Storage Bin, and thermal storage container.

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