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800 x 605 x 170 (LWH) MM

The plastic can tray 40 litres with dimensions of 800 x 605 x 170 (LWH) MM is made with polyethylene, ensuring excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Our 40 liter plastic can tray design includes raised edges and a flat base, specifically engineered to confine and manage spills or leaks from cans, drums, bottles, or any other liquid containers. Moreover, it is equipped with UV stabilizers, which enable it to endure prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating, thus making it suitable for outdoor use and extending its longevity. Crateco plastic can tray compact and lightweight nature adds to its convenience, allowing for easy transportation and placement as needed.

In industrial settings like factories, workshops, and warehouses, Crateco plastic can trays become essential tools for containing spills from various liquids and chemicals, maintaining cleanliness and safety standards. Additionally, we offer a plastic drip tray 100 liters, along with various sizes, serving as another essential tool for spill containment across different industries and environments. As a leading plastic can tray supplier in UAE, Crateco prioritizes providing spill containment solutions that contribute to a clean and safe work environment.

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