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The 240 liter metal waste bin is designed with stainless steel renowned for its resistance to rust, corrosion, and staining, making it the ideal material for outdoor and indoor waste disposal needs. Whether it's exposed to rain, snow, or intense sunlight, our 240 litre metal waste bin remains steadfast in its performance. This metal trash bin is designed to handle the disposal needs of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces alike. It's perfect for busy urban streets, parks, shopping centers, or any place that requires efficient waste management.

Crateco, the leading 240 liter waste bin supplier in UAE. Our 240 liter metal waste bin comfortable handles, smooth wheels for easy movement, and a secure locking system to prevent spills or damage. Our metal trash can is a popular choice in various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, and beyond. Additionally, we offer a smaller variant, the 120 liter metal waste bin, equipped with the same exceptional features. Crateco Pack LLC, as the reliable supplier of metal waste bin in UAE, provides metal garbage bins that contribute to cleanliness and environmental responsibility.

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