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DRIP TRAY 64 Litre

800 x 800 x 120 (LWH) MM

The drip tray 64 litre with dimensions of 800 x 800 x 120 (LWH) MM is designed for collecting accidental leaks, spills, or drips contained within its boundaries, safeguarding floors, surfaces, and the environment from potential damage. Our drip tray 64 litre boasts a spacious design that can easily accommodate a wide range of applications, from industrial environments to residential use.

The surface of our plastic drip tray 64 litre features a non-slip texture, preventing objects from sliding around and contributing to a safer working environment. Moreover, we also offer a variant, drip tray 100 litre, making it a versatile addition to any setting. Crateco, as the foremost supplier of spill pallet Dubai, UAE, provides top-quality spill pallets to meet your spill containment storage needs efficiently.

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