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812 x 533 x 430 (LWH) MM

The insulated tub 100 litres is engineered with a advanced triple-layered polyethylene (PE) plastic. This innovative design ensures unparalleled strength and insulation. The multi-layer construction not only reinforces structural integrity but also delivers exceptional thermal resistance, shielding your contents from external temperature shifts. With its expansive capacity, our plastic insulated tub 1000 litres facilitates the efficient storage and transportation of substantial quantities of goods.

Crateco stands as the most trusted manufacturer of insulated tub UAE. Our plastic insulated tub is commonly used across various industries, including food storage and transportation, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing. For those with more specific needs, we offer a slightly smaller variant, the insulated Tub 70 litres, providing flexibility in catering to diverse requirements. Being the top supplier of insulated tubs UAE, Crateco ensures the secure and controlled handling of your valuable goods.

The insulated tub is recognized by various names, such as the insulated fish tub, insulated meat tub, insulated storage bin, thermal storage container, and cold storage container.

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