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900 X 1800 (WL) MM

The paper dunnage bag with dimensions of 900 x 1800 (WL) MM, is a cushion designed to protect cargo from shocks and the impact of collapsing during transportation by road, sea, and rail. Our paper dunnage bag is made of multiple layers of highly strengthened kraft paper and an inner plastic lining that protects against loss of air pressure.

Crateco stands as the leading paper dunnage bag supplier in UAE. We additionally provide a dunnage bag inflator designed to quickly convert flat, flexible paper dunnage bags into robust cushioning barriers by pumping compressed air through their small air valves. Our dunnage bag inflator are usually lightweight and easy to use. This versatile dunnage inflator gun is compatible with various dunnage bag systems.

Moreover, in addition to paper dunnage bags, Crateco also offers plastic dunnage bag, made of woven polypropylene material, which serve a similar purpose but are made of plastic material. Being the best supplier of paper dunnage bag UAE, Crateco ensures that your packaging needs are met with precision, care, and reliability.

Our paper dunnage bag is also known as an airbag, inflatable bag, or void filler.

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  • Item CodeCCDB-PAPER
  • Outer Dimension900 (W) X 1800 (L) MM
  • Color Options
  • Category Paper Products
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