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The inflator for dunnage bag is a powerful tool designed to simplify and optimize the inflation and deflation processes of dunnage bags, enhancing the protection of your valuable cargo. Our plastic inflator for dunnage bag accommodates both small air valves and large turbo air valves, swiftly converting them from flat, flexible sheets into sturdy, protective barriers, ensuring a precise and secure fit for your dunnage bags.

Crateco stands as the leading plastic inflator for dunnage bag manufacturer in UAE. our inflator for dunnage bags works seamlessly with various types of dunnage bags. Whether you use a PVC plastic dunnage bag or a kraft paper dunnage bag, we have a corresponding dunnage inflator to match. To operate the dunnage bag inflators, all you need is a standard air compressor, making them accessible and easy to integrate into your cargo management process.

Furthermore, in addition to this range of products, we also offer paper products designed to protect goods or finished products during the entirety of the transportation process. Crateco is committed to enhancing the safety and security of your shipments.

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