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The paper edge board is designed to safeguard goods or finished products during handling and transportation. By effectively absorbing impacts, distributing pressure, and preventing compression, our edge board mitigates the risk of dents, cracks, and breakages. This attribute not only ensures customer satisfaction but also reduces returns and replacements, thus optimizing cost efficiency.

Crateco is the leading paper edge board manufacturer in UAE. We offer the flexibility to customize edge boards according to your packaging requirements, and an option for printing is also available to enhance branding. For added convenience, we provide a self-adhesive edge board to streamline handling before final strapping is executed. The paper edge board is offered in both brown and white colors, catering to diverse preferences.

Moreover, we extend our product range to include paper flat board, designed to provide exceptional protection against scratches and physical damage for delicate laminated products, and steel profiles. As the most trusted paper edge board supplier in UAE, Crateco takes pride in being your partner in packaging excellence.

The paper edge board is also known as a corner protector, carton angle, angleboard, or edge guard.

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