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Slotted Angle Racks
Slotted Angle Shelving

Slotted Angle Rack System

Slotted angle is a system of reusable metal strips used to build shelving, frames, workbenches, equipment stands, and other structures. They are among the most adaptable storage options on the market and Crateco is one of the best Slotted angle racks distributor in Dubai and is known for their quality products.

Slotted Angle Racks: The Basics

A form of rack with slanted slots that make it simple to put and remove objects is known as a slotted angle rack. It is quick and simple to instal your stuff because the slots are made to perfectly suit any object.

One of the most adaptable storage options is slotted angle racks. They are ideal for storing a wide range of objects, including tools, equipment, and boxes and containers. High-quality steel is used to create slotted angle racks, ensuring its durability and long-term use.

Material of Slotted Shelves

Although there are other options, such as aluminum, steel is the most frequently used material for slotted shelving. Pressing machines are used to shape the angles and punch the holes in the sheet metal used to make slotted shelves. Metal strips are coated to keep them from rusting.  Crateco is one of the best Slotted angle racks supplier in UAE and is known for their quality products.

Slotted Angle Shelving Types

  • Simple Slotted Angle Shelves

In order to create a storage system, simple slotted angle shelves are put together. These shelves are frequently used in businesses to store both light and moderately heavy loads. These shelves are accessible from both sides, allowing for both storage and retrieval.

  • Closed Rack Storage

For small product storage, shelves with a sheet metal rack covering provide better security and prevent falling pieces. These shelves have a single-sided entrance that allows for product storage and retrieval.

  • Partitioned Shelving

In this type of storage, the shelves feature compartments for holding various pieces. It is simple and convenient to separate and store the products in accordance with the needs thanks to this technique.

Making a slotted angle rack has the following benefits:

Compared to previous approaches, it makes inserting items much simpler; It can give off a more streamlined and polished image, it is less likely to harm your racks, and it is a simple method to save money on your upcoming travel-related budget purchase! 

  • A Slotted Angle Component’s Use

Identify the mounting hole on the side of your slotted angle rack before using it. Measure the distance from the mounting hole to the top of your shelving unit after marking this hole with a straightedge and a level.

Next, draw a path from the spot where you marked an angled line to the mounting hole on the rack.

Use a saw or carving knife to remove this trail once it has been drawn.

The angled line will now be screwed to the shelf unit using a drill. Before screwing the angled line into position, don’t forget to add washers at either end of the line.

  • Reliable construction:

Nothing compares to slotted angle racks for strength and longevity. They are made of steel, which makes them incredibly strong and well-built. Contact Crateco Slotted angle racks manufacturer in Dubai, UAE to buy the best products.

  • Customizable:

To meet each special storage requirement in your warehouses, they can be modified for various size, height, and breadth specifications. They are flexible and simple to rearrange to meet your more recent storage requirements. Additionally, they can be altered to fit your needs and available space.

  • Increases output

You may handle materials in your warehouses with greater flexibility using slotted angle racks. It makes it simple for you to store and find things. The shelves are made to give you the freedom to arrange items according to how frequently you use them. You can also arrange your products according to their requirements or size. This makes it easier for workers to find the items they need right away. Time that could be used for other useful purposes is saved as a result.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Slotted angle racks make it simple to handle, store, and locate merchandise. This will make it simpler for the personnel to identify the items they need. By allowing your employees to concentrate on the current task, you’ll not only save time but also enhance production.

  • Longevity and Resilience

Slotted angle racks are unmatched in terms of their strength and endurance. They are built to be incredibly durable and endure longer than other carriers because they are made of solid steel. They may work in any warehouse for a longer period of time and can survive wear and tear thanks to their sturdy build. Additionally, they just need minor upkeep. Get in touch with Crateco, a leading Slotted angle racks distributor in UAE, who supplies all kinds of angled racks.

  • Largest Storage Area

Slotted angle racks are the ideal option for maximizing the space that is currently available in your warehouse. You may store items of various sizes using this shelving system. Crateco, a leading Slotted angle racks supplier in Dubai says Slotted angle racks are the solution if you want to grow your company but are worried about the available space. They are also the most economical storage option for your warehouses.

Making a Slotted Angle Rack is an essential part of any rack set. If you use it properly, you can make a lovely rack with precise slots and a beautiful look. Also, you can achieve the ideal image for your company by using angle racks.