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Crates for Product Storing

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most popular foods, but they are also the most delicate. There is a several-day gap between when they are harvested on fields and when they get on the client’s kitchen table. Fresh produce must be kept in a certain temperature, humidity, and ventilation setting during this time to be edible and retain all its nutritional characteristics. For these items, we offer a simple yet effective recommendation: plastic crates.

Your products will stay fresh for longer if packed in plastic crates. Thus, you will maximize your chances of selling the entire quantity of fresh produce or as much as possible.

We recognized these incredibly essential benefits, as conveyed to us by our clients, through many years of close collaboration with manufacturers and retailers:

·       Secure storage

The sides and walls of plastic crates are vented. As a result, the fresh food gets enough air to prevent mold and mildew from growing. The smooth interior walls are suitable for preventing marking on even the most delicate and fragile objects’ surfaces. Our consumers also mentioned that the natural ventilation provided by the reusable plastic crates helped them save water. To prevent dryness and wilt, they used to sprinkle the vegetables.

·       Suitable for cold chain

Plastic containers that can be reused may be transported in frigid vehicles without damage. The containers contain virgin food-grade materials that are safe to use around food. This ensures that there’s no possibility of harmful chemicals seeping and being absorbed by your fresh produce.

·       Improved Longevity

Plastic crates used for agriculture and the food sector are developed to provide you with the most benefits available. There is an increase in the average shelf life of many types of fresh products. Compared to items housed in other types of crates and cartons, these products lasted two days longer without wilting or going bad.

·       Ease of handling

Plastic crates are meant to make lifting and arranging items on shelves easier for your employees. The ergonomic open handles provide proper grip and comfort. As a result, your employees can replace the fresh produce aisle as needed to ensure that all of your customers are satisfied.

·       TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is low

All the plastic crates result from years of research and development to ensure that the clients get a decent return on their investment. Like the rest of our plastic packaging, the plastic crates are strong, easy to clean and disinfect, and 100 percent recyclable once they’ve served their purpose. As a result, your total cost of ownership will be reduced, and you will be able to optimize your operational and logistical expenses.