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Hand Pallet Truck or Hand Jack
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The Hand Pallet Truck Or Hand Jack

Hand pallet trucks in Dubai are extremely adaptable, having applications in manufacturing, retail, logistics service providers, and workshops, where they can be depended on to maneuver in the smallest of areas, move products, and load and unload vehicles. These items have a strong steel construction that has been built for longevity, boasting torsional stiffness, and being suitable for even the most demanding applications.

Benefits Of Using Hand Pallet Truck Or Hand Jack

These hand pallet trucks’ prices in UAE may be ideally suited to the purpose with their compact design, variable fork sizes, and weight capabilities. Its typical rapid lifting capability allows items weighing up to 200 kg to be hoisted with even greater speed, resulting in improved handling performance. Crateco is a leading hand pallet truck supplier in UAE where the rollers of the pallet may be modified to the ground conditions due to the large range of tire alternatives available, ensuring optimum rolling performance.

Ease to use

  • For guaranteed fatigue-free use, the tiller handle’s design and functioning have been optimized.
  • Electrical lifting and lowering of weights are effortless, minimizing physical effort.
  • Pallet cross-loading is made simpler and faster owing to the loading and unloading instructions.
  • fuel savings due to tire choices that are suited for all conditions and ensure maximum grip and minimal rolling resistance

Handling strength

  • Effective material handling with the ability to move objects up to 3,000 kg
  • The steel structure that is torsional rigid ensures dependability and longevity for demanding applications
  • Low wear owing to surfaces with powder coating
  • It is possible to raise weights up to 1,000 kg to a height of up to 800 mm with the help of strong motion and the manual or electronic scissor lift function.
  • With the rapid lifting feature as standard, handling performance for weights up to 200 kg is even greater.


  • To ensure you have the appropriate equipment for every need, there are several fork lengths and widths available.
  • Due to the broad steering angle of the tiller, the vehicle has exceptional maneuverability even in the smallest areas.


  • High-precision fork lowering allows for the safe handling of fragile items while maintaining an ergonomic lift height of up to 800 mm.
  • Even on ramps, safety is ensured by an optional operating and parking brake.
  • heightened safety due to the usage of supports that can withstand lift heights of at least 400 mm
  • Hydraulic overload prevention to guard against mistakes and ensure proper use
  • Scales with a splash-proof display for outdoor application