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Different Type of Crates
Plastic Storage Crates

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates have a significant role in the goods storage and transportation industry. The introduction of plastic crates has eliminated many drawbacks of storing goods in wooden crates and cardboard crates. Today, plastic crates are used for the majority of storage and goods transportation requirements in the UAE.

Choosing the right type of plastic crate for your storage requirement is important. Plastic crates are available in different shapes and sizes, and each of them has its unique specifications and applications. Crateco Pack LLC provides a wide range of plastic crates, pallets, and other storage solutions for customers across the UAE and other MENA regions. Let’s take a deep look into the different types of plastic crates and their applications.

Types Of Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are usually made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP). Customers have the option to decide the quality of the crate according to their usage routine. Here are some of the most used plastic crate varieties from Crateco Pack LLC.

  • Regular Plastic Crates: Used for all kinds of basic storage requirements. Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • Ventilated Crates: Usually used for storage of food items and vegetables. Available in fully ventilated and nestable designs

  • Closed Crates: High-quality closed crates in different sizes and shapes. Generally used for all types of storage including fish and other food items.

  • 6040 Series Crates: These crates are designed for multiple purposes in 600L and 400 W dimensions.

  • Jumbo Crates: Big-sized crates for storage and transportation of large items.

  • Special Purpose Crates: These crates are designed in special measurements for applications such as Poultry, Toast, and Documents storage.

Crateco Pack LLC assures superior quality and customer satisfaction in all their products. We have the best cost-effective solutions for all your storage requirements across UAE and other MENA countries. Contact us to discuss your requirements.