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Fruit and Vegetable Crates
Fruit and Vegetable Plastic Crate

Fruit And Vegetable Crates - Plastic Crates

One of the most popular food categories is fresh produce, which is also one of the most sensitive. There is a delay of many days between the time they are harvested on fields and the time they are placed on the client’s kitchen table. To remain edible and retain all of its nutritional qualities throughout this time, fresh produce must be maintained in a precise environment with regard to temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Crateco, the top fruit and vegetable crate manufacturer in Dubai, UAE has a team of packaging specialists who provides the following straightforward but effective advice for these goods: Reusable plastic crates.

A Complex and Volatile Supply Chain

Rewinding a bit further along the supply chain, we advise employing reusable plastic containers all through the process, not just when packing produce for distribution to retailers. During harvest season, a lot of fresh produce is lost because it is put in containers that are too small and cause them to be crushed, bruised, or otherwise harmed. All of these goods can be transported to canning companies for a lesser cost but cannot be sold back to consumers. Contrarily, large pallet containers have smooth interior walls and, when required, ventilated sides to provide the best possible protection, even for the most delicate kinds of fresh fruit, like cherries or grapes. Until the goods are ready to be repackaged in smaller crates for shipping to retailers, these huge plastic containers can be held safely in warehouses with a regulated atmosphere (temperature,humidity).

Reusable Plastic Crates—Safety and Freshness Are Never Compromised

Modern consumers are savvy and have a wide range of shopping possibilities. From the most basic products (lettuce and tomatoes) to the more unusual variety, they are completely aware of what they are searching for in each one (avocado, mango, papaya, etc.). They can immediately identify produce that doesn’t match their demands because they are familiar with how fresh produce looks and feels. If your products are stored in reusable plastic crates, they will remain fresh for a longer period of time. By doing this, you will increase the likelihood that you will sell all of the fresh product or a large portion of it. Crateco, the leading fruit and vegetable crate supplier in UAE, recognised some very significant advantages over the course of many years of close collaboration with growers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables, as reported to us by our clients:

  • Complete safety during storage and transportation

The walls and sides of reusable plastic crates are vented. As a result, the fresh food gets enough air to stop the growth of mold and mildew. Even the most delicate and vulnerable products can avoid surface marking thanks to the smooth inside walls. As an added bonus, our clients reported that the natural ventilation made possible by the recyclable plastic crates allowed them to use less water. In the past, they had to sprinkle water on the produce to keep it from wilting and becoming dehydrated.

  • Reliability in the cold chain

Refrigerated trucks can transport reusable plastic crates without causing damage to them. The containers are made of new materials that have been authorized for contact with food. This indicates that there is no chance of harmful chemicals leaking into your fresh produce and absorbing it.

  • Improved Shelf Life

Professional packaging materials for agriculture and the food sector are made to provide you with the greatest advantages in every way. An improvement in the typical shelf life for many kinds of fresh fruit, from mushrooms to grapes and tomatoes, is one specific area that our clients have seen. Comparatively, to goods stored in other kinds of crates and boxes, these goods remained undamaged for an average of two more days.

  • Employees Can Handle It Easily

Reusable plastic crates are made to make it easier for your staff to lift and stack items swiftly and safely. The ergonomic open handles provide a good grip and are comfortable. In order to please all of your clients, your staff will be able to replace the fresh produce aisle whenever it is required.

  • Affordable Total Cost of Ownership

To help our clients get a strong ROI, we continuously do R&D on all the professional packaging materials we create. The reusable plastic crates are strong, simple to clean and sterilize, and 100% recyclable after their useful life is up, just like the rest of our plastic packaging. As a result, you will manage to reduce your overall cost of ownership and optimize your operational and logistical expenses.