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Why Plastic Pallet

Crateco, a plastic pallet supplier in Dubai provides high-quality plastic pallets that have a strong palletized design that does not rely on nails or boards, which in wood pallets frequently come loose and produce debris in production and transport regions. 

Plastic pallets’ composition and construction make them a perfect shipping platform for businesses that value hygiene, safety, and strength, such as:

Food: Cleanliness in food production, storage, and transportation is important for customer safety as well as avoiding load rejections by retailers and related fines. Using plastic pallets helps food producers and transporters fulfil and surpass Food Safety Modernization Act requirements.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical products such as medications, vaccines, and biologicals must adhere to considerably more stringent cleanliness standards than food. Many pharmaceuticals necessitate a sanitizable plastic pallet, which is the only shipping platform that can meet the hygiene requirements for cleanroom pallets while also enduring the rigours of shipping outside of the cleanroom. Crateco, a plastic pallet supplier in Dubai has the right pallet for you.

Paper Products: Products such as paper towels and diapers must arrive at the shop in their original packaging in order to be safe and sanitary for usage. Plastic pallets’ robustness and unitized design eliminate dirt, splinters, and sharp edges that can harm paper product packing.

Heavy Items: Water, beverages, and other liquid products have a great deal of weight for their quantity. Automobile parts, for example, can be fairly hefty. High-quality plastic pallets are far more durable than wood pallets and can withstand a dynamic load of 5000 pounds.

Conclusion: Plastic pallets can save money in practically any business, but where sanitation and sanitization are important in the supply chain, plastic pallets are the obvious choice. The regularity of plastic pallets is perhaps their most significant advantage. Wood pallets, on the other hand, vary in weight and dimensions due to moisture absorption, which can alter the weight and even size of a pallet. 

Plastic pallet supplier in Dubai is founded by a skilled and experienced team to meet the industrial packaging and material handling requirements of customers in the UAE and other MENA regions. Our goal is to be an inevitable business partner for all organizations by fulfilling all of their transportation and storage needs at a reasonable and competitive price.