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1200 X 1000 X 75 (LWH) MM

The vehicle pallet or floor pallet with dimensions of 120 x 100 x 75 cm (LWH) is primarily used in the food industry for floor covering in freezer vehicles. Our vehicle pallet is indispensable for in-vehicle storage and cargo transportation, providing a secure platform to organize and protect goods during transit. It is designed to fit the interior space of freezer vehicles, maximizing the use of available space and ensuring stability during transport.    

On the other hand, our floor Pallets serve as a stable and insulated surface within the chiller and freezer vehicles. The floor pallet contributes to the maintenance of optimal conditions within the vehicle, safeguarding the integrity of the goods throughout the journey. Additionally, we also offer display pallet, which not only showcase products but also function as shipping containers. Crateco, a prominent manufacturer of plastic pallet UAE, provides plastic pallets essential for efficient material handling and distribution processes.

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  • Outer Dimension:1200 (L) x 1000 (W) X 75 (H) MM
  • Features:Low Height, Anti-Slip Grip
  • Category Plastic Pallets
  • Color
  • Container
    20' HCs
    20 FT High Cube Container
    40' HCs
    40 FT High Cube Container
    788 Pcs
  • Usable
    Hand Jack
  • Loading
    Static Pallet Racking System
    4000 Kg
    Dynamic Pallet Racking System
    2000 Kg
    Warehouse Racking System
    N A
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