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800 X 600 X 150 (LWH) MM

Display Pallet is mainly used in retail industries, restaurants, and hotel industries where the products have to be stored or displayed very neatly and above the floor. The size of the pallet, 80 x 60 x 15 cm is very attractive for those who have a confined space. 

Though it looks very light, it's very strong by its design, and even if an 80 Kg product falls from a 6-meter height, the pallet can withstand without breaking.

  • Item CodeCC9L 8060
  • Outer Dimension800 (L) x 600 (W) X 150 (H) MM
  • FeaturesRims, Nestable
  • Color Options
  • Capacity
    1500 Kg
    500 Kg
    N A
  • Equipments
    Hand Jack
  • Category
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