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400 x 323 x 310 (LWH) MM

The plastic milk crate, with dimensions of 400 x 323 x 310 (LWH) MM is specifically designed to securely hold multiple milk containers, or milk cartons ensuring their stability during handling and transportation, whether by truck, van, or other means. Our heavy duty milk crates uniform size and shape also streamline loading and unloading processes. Crateco plastic diary milk crates benefits dairy farms and distribution centers by enhancing efficiency in organizing and transporting dairy products to retail outlets or consumers directly.

Crateco is the leading plastic crates manufacturer in UAE. Our plastic milk crates can be neatly stacked on store shelves or arranged in refrigerated sections, effectively showcasing milk and accommodating other perishable items like yogurt and cheese. This arrangement enhances product visibility and accessibility for customers. Moreover, we present plastic crates, available in various sizes and an array of color choices, making them suitable for your exact storage needs. As the top plastic crate supplier in UAE, Crateco plastic crates are indispensable tools across industries and daily operations, contributing significantly to efficiency, organization, and convenience.

The plastic milk crate is also known by various names such as, stackable milk crates, milk crate storage bins, plastic dairy crates, milk carton crates, industrial milk crate, milk crate basket, stackable plastic milk crates, dairy milk basket, or plastic milk bottle crate.

Tags: 32.5x40x31 cm, 32.5 x 40 x 31 cm, 325x400x310 mm, 13x16x12.2 inch.

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