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10 Litre

A jerry can 10 litre is a specially designed container crafted to hold and transport liquids, often used for storing fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or other liquids. Its unique construction is characterized by its durability and practicality. Our jerry can are made of durable high-density polyethylene and are designed with secure closures and handles for easy carrying. Our jerry can 10 litre is commonly used by many industries to handle and store various chemicals, lubricants, and solvents safely.

The Crateco Pack LLC jerry can sealing mechanism helps to maintain the integrity of the contents, prevent contamination, and reduce the risk of accidents or environmental hazards during transportation and storage. Furthermore, we also offer a jerry can 20 litre, to cater to varying capacity requirements. As the reliable plastic jerry can suppliers in Dubai, Crateco Pack LLC provides plastic cans for the storage of diverse substances across a multitude of industries.

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