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The IBC tank 1000 litres used but cleaned with chemicals, provides ample space to accommodate your bulk liquid storage needs. Our used IBC tanks 1000 litres used but cleaned with chemicals undergo a rigorous chemical cleaning regimen that ensures the complete removal of previous contents, residue, and contaminants.

Our IBC tank 1000 litres used top filling opening, standard measurement is 150 mm, and as per your specific requirement, we can also provide 250 mm. On the valve bottom discharge standard is a 50 mm, or 2 inch, butterfly valve. This also we can offer at 75 mm or 3 inch valves in different types such as camlock, cylindrical.

Additionally, we also offer you an IBC tank 1000 litres steel pallet, designed to excel in the most demanding industrial environments. As the leading supplier of IBC tank Dubai, Crateco Pack LLC provides used IBC tanks, promoting recycling and reducing waste. It's a conscious step towards a greener future.

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