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400 x 300 (LW) MM

The crate lid, with dimensions of 400 x 300 (LW) MM, is a compatible option designed specifically for all 4030 series crates. By securing the crate with the lid, you can prevent accidental spills or tampering, maintaining the integrity of the contents. Our crate lid provides additional security and protection for the contents stored within the crates.

Crateco Pack, the leading plastic crate lid manufacturers in UAE. our plastic crate lid is precisely engineered to match the dimensions of the 4030 series crates, ensuring a seamless and snug fit. Moreover, we also offer crate lid fits for all 3020 series crates. Being the best plastic crate lid suppliers in UAE, Crateco provides plastic crate lids that ensure the utmost protection for your valuable belongings.

Tags: 40x30 cm, 40 x 30 cm, 400x300 mm, 15.7x11.8 inch.


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