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The 220 litres closed top drum with dimensions of 895 X 587 (HD) MM is commonly used as a solution for efficiently storing and transporting large quantities of liquids, solids, or various materials in industries such as chemicals, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and agriculture. Our closed top drum design includes a secure lid or cap that tightly seals the drum. This helps prevent contamination, evaporation, and spillage of the drum contents.

Crateco stands as the foremost plastic drums manufacturer in Dubai, UAE. Our closed top drums 220 litres are designed to enhance transportation efficiency and optimize space utilization in shipping containers or vehicles. Furthermore, we also offer a 210 litres closed top drum, designed for versatile storage and transportation solutions. As the top plastic drums supplier in Dubai, UAE, Crateco provides plastic drums to simplify your logistics and streamline supply chain processes.

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