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1200 X 800 X 760 (LWH) MM

The ventilated pallet box with a 1200 x 800 x 760 (LWH) MM design sets a new standard for items that require proper ventilation. Crafted with strategically positioned vents, it creates a controlled environment that prevents moisture buildup and promotes fresh air circulation. From agricultural harvests to sensitive electronics, our ventilated pallet box adapts to diverse industries. With built-in forklift pockets and ergonomic handles, it combines practicality with ease. Loading, unloading, and transportation become streamlined tasks, saving both time and effort.

The stackable design of our ventilated pallet maximizes your storage and transportation capabilities, an invaluable asset for businesses managing substantial volumes of goods. In addition, we also offer a completely closed pallet, shielding your valuable items from dust, moisture, and contaminants. As the most reliable plastic pallet box supplier in Dubai, Crateco Pack LLC provides plastic pallet boxes for your materials to remain pristine and fresh throughout their journey.



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