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1280 x 1280 x 275 (LWH) MM

Spill Pallet is mainly used for the storage of hazardous liquids in order to prevent pollution of soil, land, and water. The spill pallet is manufactured from 100% polyethylene (HDPE) by rotational molding process and is available in different sizes and types depending upon the usage.

Crateco Spill Pallet is the most flexible and comprehensive spill protection, storage product and it is ideally suited to the storage of various acids, alkalies, oils, and non-combustible and cleaning chemicals.

These types of spill pallets can be operated by forklifts and hand pallet trucks. It can be used for storing, handling, and transferring of oil and acid drums. All liquid leaking out will flow into the reservoir rather than the ground. The black color strengthened mobile and flexible grid is easy to open, clean, and replace. Drainage options are available for these spill pallets. Ideal for the storage of Pail, Drum, and IBC tanks.


  • Broadband chemical Compatibility
  • Designed for the storage of one standard IBC unit.
  • Capable to hold; 1 x standard IBC unit. 4 × 205 ltr drums
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