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1260 x 1260 x 150(LWH) MM

The spill pallet 4 drum with dimensions of 1260 x 1260 x 150 (LWH) MM is an essential piece of equipment designed to provide a secure and compliant solution for storing hazardous substances or liquids, ensuring a safe working environment for both personnel and the surrounding ecosystem.

The Crateco plastic spill pallet boasts a generous capacity, allowing it to accommodate up to four drums simultaneously. Additionally, we recommend choosing a normal 4 drum spill pallet if the leakage is more from your drums. Crateco, the best supplier of spill pallets UAE, provides you with the most suitable spill pallet solutions for your specific spill containment requirements.

  • Rotationally molded polyethylene unit with UV stabilizers inbuilt.
  • Broadband chemical Compatibility
  • Removable grid inlay.
  • Capable to hold; 1 x standard IBC unit. 4 × 205 ltr drums.

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  • Category Spill Pallets
  • Color
  • Container
    20' HCs
    20 FT High Cube Container
    120 Pcs
    40' HCs
    40 FT High Cube Container
    280 Pcs
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