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910 x 610 x 210 (LWH) (Floor Height) MM

The platform trolley or Mystar trolley, stands as a remarkable industrial solution made in Malaysia. Our Mystar platform trolley has an impressive load-bearing capacity of 300 kg, which simplifies the movement of goods, enhances productivity, and reduces physical strain on workers. Its robust steel frame, non-slip rubber wheels, gripped platform, and folding handle exemplify a harmonious blend of strength, functionality, and convenience.

Crateco stands as the foremost major distributor of Mystar platform trolley in UAE. The heavy duty platform trolley is specially used for industrial workplaces such as transporting boxes, finished goods, sophisticated items, crates, water bottles, etc. In addition, we also have another option available, the platform trolley, designed with a capacity to accommodate loads of up to 500 kg. As the most trusted platform trolley suppliers in UAE, Crateco provides high-quality trolleys that emerge as an essential asset for modern workplaces.

The Crateco also supplies the highly regarded Prestar trolley, which is manufactured in Japan. Our platform trolley is also known as a platform hand trolley, hand truck trolley, or 5 gallon bottle trolley.

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