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1286 x 462 x 314 (LWH) MM

The jumbo crate, with dimensions of 1286 x 462 x 314 (LWH) MM, is designed to cater to bulk material handling needs, making it the ideal choice for industries dealing with large quantities of heavy materials, providing a safe and secure solution for their transportation and storage. Our jumbo crate is commonly used in a variety of industries, including fishing, textiles, automobiles, and large spare parts.

The Crateco Pack LLC jumbo crate design ensures that it can withstand the demands of heavy-duty use, making it a long-lasting and dependable solution for your business needs. Furthermore, we also offer ventilated jumbo crate for proper airflow and ventilation for large-volume products. As a reliable plastic crates supplier in UAE, Crateco Pack LLC provides top-quality plastic crates for your material handling and logistics processes.

The jumbo crate is also known as the jumbo fish crate or big fish crate.

Tags: 128.6x46.2x31.4 cm, 128.6 x 46.2 x 31.4 cm, 1286x462x314 mm, 50.6x18.1x12.3 inch.


  • Outer Dimension: 1286 (L) x 462 (W) x 314 (H) MM
  • Inner Dimension: 1266 (L) x 442 (W) x 309 (H) MM
  • Material: HDPE or PP (Injection Grade + UV Stabilizer)
  • Volume: 173 Litres
  • Features: Stackable
  • Options: Printing, Dolly Trolley
  • Category Crates
  • Color
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