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1200 X 1000 X 915 (LWH) MM

The completely closed pallet box with dimensions of 1200 x 1000 x 915 (LWH) MM stands as a secure and reliable solution for a variety of storage and transportation needs. With solid walls encompassing all sides, including the top and bottom, this container provides complete enclosure, ensuring the utmost protection for its contents. It is designed to safeguard goods from external factors such as dust, moisture, and tampering. The completely closed pallet box is particularly valuable for items that require stringent isolation or preservation of integrity.

Crateco stands as the leading manufacturer of plastic pallet boxes UAE. Our completely closed pallet boxes are commonly used in industries where maintaining the integrity and security of the products is critical, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, valuable goods, sensitive equipment, and items that need to adhere to strict hygiene standards. In addition, we also offer a variant, a completely closed pallet, catering to an array of unique demands. As the top supplier of plastic pallet boxes UAE, Crateco provides plastic pallet boxes for your product's protection and quality throughout the supply chain.

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