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Bakery Crate

590 x 460 x 180 (LWH) MM

The bakery crate is  mainly used in the delivery of bakery products such as bread, arabic bread, pastries, and more. Its main purpose is to transport these bakery items to various retail outlets such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and restaurants. Our bakery crates feature ergonomic handles for effortless carrying, making them perfect for loading and unloading from delivery vehicles.

Our bakery crate features a low height, facilitating easy handling and convenient access to its contents. Apart from bakery crates, we also provide fruit and vegetable crate, used for an efficient supply chain of fruits and vegetables, ensuring their quality and freshness are maintained from the farm to the market. Crateco Pack LLC, a reputable plastic crates supplier in UAE, provides quality crates to meet various storage and transportation needs.

The bakery crate is also known as a packing crate, transport crate, or display crate.

Tags: 59x46x18 cm, 59 x 46 x 18 cm, 590x460x180 mm, 23.2x18.1x7.0 inch.

  • Outer Dimension: 590 (L) x 460 (W) x 180 (H) MM
  • Inner Dimension: 570(L) x 440(W) x 170(H) MM
  • Material: HDPE or PP (Injection Grade + UV Stabilizer)
  • Volume: 50 Litres
  • Features: HDPE or PP (Injection Grade + UV Stabilizer)
  • Options: Printing, Embossing, Dolly Trolley
  • Category Crates
  • Color
  • Container
    20' HCs
    40' HCs
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