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1000 x 700 x 960 (LWH) MM(Including wheels)

The 330 litre ice trolley with dimensions of 1000 x 700 x 960 (LWH) MM including wheels is specifically designed to store and transport ice, beverages, and perishable items while maintaining their low temperatures. Our 330 litre ice trolley is made from compounded medium density polyethylene, Our ice trolley is built to endure the challenges of demanding environments.

The incorporation of UV stabilizers adds an extra layer of protection, enhancing its resilience against sun exposure and ensuring longevity. The Crateco Pack LLC 330 litre ice trolley finds its perfect fit in hospitals, airports, hotels, and building sites. Its adaptable design makes it an indispensable tool for transporting materials, ensuring seamless operations and an efficient workflow.

In addition, we also provide a variant, the 500 liter ice trolley. This expanded capacity provides even more flexibility and options for your specific cooling and material transport needs. As the leading ice trolley suppliers in UAE, Crateco Pack LLC provides ice trolleys tailored to fulfill diverse needs across various industries.

The ice trolley is also known as a storage trolley, cooler cart, or ice chest trolley.   

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