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The 175 liter round bin with dolly and lid, with dimensions of 710 x 615 (HD), is specifically designed for efficient waste management and storage purposes in various environments. Our plastic round bin with dolly and lid 175 liters provides ample space for storing a significant amount of items, such as waste, recyclables, or other materials. It prevents the spread of germs and pests, making it suitable for environments where hygiene is crucial.

Crateco, the foremost 175 liter round bin supplier in UAE. Our plastic round bin 175 liter with dolly and lid finds applications across industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, event management, and hospitality, effectively contributing to organized and well-maintained spaces. Moreover, we also offer a 167 liter round bin with dolly and lid, an equally compelling solution for diverse applications. As the trusted supplier of waste bins UAE, Crateco provides waste bin to contribute to a cleaner and more organized environment.

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